Ecommerce is a big industry that thrives on the vendors and the customers. An ecommerce website or an estore is said to be successful if the customers are happy and is being run profitably. As with the case of anything, ecommerce trends and the needs of customers too have morphed through years. As per a research conducted, ecommerce stores like,, etc has more than half of their sales done through their ecommerce mobile application than their website. has a total traffic of 84,100,000 visitors, of which 58.81% had accessed the same from their ecommerce web app. Similarly,, and were involved in the research and they all proved to be having more than 50% of their traffic and sales from their mobile application.

So keeping in mind all these positives, mobile applications are an integral part of an ecommerce business. It has been predicted the by the year 2018, 80% of the sales and traffic to a website will be through smartphones via mobile applications. With an application in place, all the client details can be pulled out, making the shopping through an ecommerce a breeze for the users. The client data can also be used to optimize and customize the products for a customer, doubling his purchases.

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Android Apps

Mobile applications for ecommerce are used far and wide by smartphones users worldwide. Android applications are considered to be the technology of the era as they come in with various features that make smartphones better. This is the reason we have ventured into android apps development – to be the part of this ever evolving, ever growing world. Ecommerce mobile application builders use the latest technologies to develop these android apps. We use the java and kotlin languages to develop these apps and also facilitate for firebase notifications for the apps we develop. Google maps, GPS tracking, realm database and much more are features we include in the ecommerce application development process.

iOS Apps

Apple iPhones are a rage among millennials. With premium features and classy look iPhones are not just a run-off-the-mill smartphones. They have become an image or a brand to reckon with. Companies are waiting to launch an app in this platform as it gives them an edge in their business opportunities. This is precisely why we decided to help you develop apps for this platform. We use the latest and the most updated technologies. We use objective c and swift languages to develop apps for this platform. Push/local notifications, GPS tracking and much more are the features we include in the application development process for iOS platform.

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