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Etailer Souq’s influence in building up GCC’s Ecommerce sector is unparalleled and it offers a complete suite of solutions and services to build up a live store in a stunning speed.

Etailer Souq is the ecommerce wing of Alrais Labs. Alrais Labs is a fast growing software products and solutions Centre of Excellence, with diverse Industry Solution Units. Ecommerce, Digital Identity and Branding, Mobility & Enterprise Solutions are few such areas Alrais Labs specializes in.

Key focus is on leveraging trending technologies and platforms to push for a business disruption in commerce industry. In thise challenging business environments it helps in exploringe untapped channels of business for new ecommerce ventures and startups with cost efficient ecommerce solution. We are a specialized ecommerce team and we build the complete future proof store for you with all rich features of a magento ecommerce web designing, development and delivery.

Etailer Souq’s services include store design, store administration, catalogue management, ecommerce website development, ecommerce product photography, ecommerce digital marketing, ecommerce apps development and lot more!

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