5 simple steps to start your online ecommerce store in 30 days

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If you are planning to start an online store, you will get stuck up with many questions. You might already have a presumption that it is a blend of technology and trading operations. Involving yourself to manage both worlds would give you a nightmare and it hampers your business. You already would have managing many vendors and service providers at one hand to run your normal business and adding online store activities on the other hand would make the life challenging.

In order to make the life of a store owner simple, we at etailer souq has summarized the major activities involved to start an online store from our experience in developing e-commerce store for diverse industries in UAE, Middle East and GCC countries. This blog is an attempt to throw light on the key activities involved in starting an online e-commerce store.

The first and foremost step is to add an e-commerce activity in your existing trade license. Regulations for adding this activity vary at different countries. However for an existing store owner with license, it is easy to add the online activity to its trade license.

  • Naming and Logo – A part of branding
  • Online store design
  • Product photography
  • Manage e-catalog
  • Integrate with E-commerce Technology framework
  • Integrate with Payment & Shipping services
  • Store promotion

#EtailerSouq has unveiled the most sought-after steps in starting ecommerce store. Now you can start your online store in 30 days by following 5 simple steps.

start-your-ecommerce-store-in-30days-infographics 5 simple steps to start your ecommerce store in 30 days – infographics

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