Month: October 2017

AI and Predictive content became the SUPERHERO in Store-Tech story

20171020UTC 3:45:13 pm by Fathima Sona 1 Comment
Today, AI and predictive content both play a significant role in consumers shopping experience. AI can help in building automated system, that can pull out data about the buying pattern and trends of the customers. This info is then leveraged to help out customers in their buying cycle. Likewise predictive content provides a more enriched experience by providing buyers with content relevant to their purchase history. Mike Hartman who is the Senior Director of Product Strategy  Listrak, had a good perspective on AI . According to him  AI can make it easier to find, analyze and push s
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How does personalized experience at your ecommerce store improve sales

20171010UTC 4:53:33 pm by Jemsheena E V 1 Comment
Personalisation has risen as a new trend, which cuts an easy path to victory of retailers. Those retailers who succeeds in delivering or offering products as per the expectation and need of each of their customers, way to the door of success is less to them.  Ecommerce personalized marketing statistics helps in improving the sales. Tailoring the pages of website according to individual customer’s need and hope creates a platform to enhance customer service, resulting in increased customer satisfaction. This method of one-to-one marketing adopts means to meet customers need in a most effi
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