How does personalized experience at your ecommerce store improve sales

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Personalisation has risen as a new trend, which cuts an easy path to victory of retailers. Those retailers who succeeds in delivering or offering products as per the expectation and need of each of their customers, way to the door of success is less to them.  Ecommerce personalized marketing statistics helps in improving the sales.

Tailoring the pages of website according to individual customer’s need and hope creates a platform to enhance customer service, resulting in increased customer satisfaction. This method of one-to-one marketing adopts means to meet customers need in a most efficient as well as effective ways.

As it is observed in the Segment Survey, this tends the customers to even buy product that are actually not in their wish list, thus adding to the sales. This advantage became possible through personalised proposals provided by several brands.

Among the surveyed population,49% accounts to this category. Among them, 23% have made single purchases worth $50, while a 7% made a try at purchasing products for $100. Interesting fact to be noted is that, of this 85% of customers are satisfied with the products received and only 5% had to return the products.

E-commerce personalisation as well as personalisation of brick and mortar retailers,  is an unavoidable step in business development. Among those surveyed, 77% fall in the category of those who dream of highly personalised system of which only 23% could actually experience it. The condition is even worse in physical shopping orbits, where only 17% out of 51% were satisfied having highly personalised systems.

Brick and mortar retailers too should take these facts into account to develop their business. They should train their staff to improve these skills. Among the surveyed customers, about 41% expects to have thee representatives of bands at physical stores, of which only 19% were fortunate enough to have them there.

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