AI and Predictive content became the SUPERHERO in Store-Tech story

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Today, AI and predictive content both play a significant role in consumers shopping experience. AI can help in building automated system, that can pull out data about the buying pattern and trends of the customers. This info is then leveraged to help out customers in their buying cycle. Likewise predictive content provides a more enriched experience by providing buyers with content relevant to their purchase history.

Mike Hartman who is the Senior Director of Product Strategy  Listrak, had a good perspective on AI . According to him  AI can make it easier to find, analyze and push some products to the spotlight. He added that retailers are leveraging AI to crunch through large data  from multiple silos to identify opportunities for marketing. Now a days, Artificial intelligence in retail is being applied in new ways across the entire product and service cycle—from assembly to post-sale customer service interactions.

AI and Predictive Content

AI:The wave of Future?

AI act in the form of  smart appliances, personal assistants and content  consumption in everyday lives. AI is used for the  automation and optimization of all types of systems   in marketing and business fields. And it has the potential to do a lot of things normally reserved for human interaction.

Some Hartman findings for AI are

– AI became  a “nice to have” tool  for marketers,because of its widespread usage in our everyday lives

– AI as a service model is offered by companies such as Microsoft Azure,  Amazon Web Services and IBM Watson.

-Amazon’s Alexa and Apple’s Siri are using voice control to incorporate AI

How Brands are Using AI

AI platform offers everything of our needs in one open platform, allowing our organization to manage team collaboration across heterogeneous infrastructure efficiently and deploy models effectively. Hence Technologically savvy clients who need a sophisticated machine learning applications in retail that can be integrated into their enterprise architecture and run the technology and data science teams themselves. AI is used for the automation and optimization of all types of systems n marketing and business fields. Main benefit of AI is that it has the potential to do a lot of things normally reserved for human interaction. Chatbots is an best example. Chatbots are currently used in customer service and support but are also being developed to help customers make purchases. AI of this field is bound to advance quickly in the near term and made many applications in the e-commerce industry.

Some  Luke Chatelain( Vice President of Innovation for West Elm) findings about Pinterest  Style Finder (AI brand)

-Pinterest  Style Finder is a free design consultation service available in stores.

-Main objective is to help customers on their journey to express their personal style at home.

AI based Analytics 

According to the survey conducted by SLI system, more than half(54%) retailers are plan to use AI in future,13% build their own technology and60% follow existing technology. While the largest group of respondents expecting to add it within the next 12 months. Survey also shows about 56%of retailers use AI application for product reccomendation,customer service requests (41%) and 35%on chatbots. This AI based analytics shows that when machine learning applications in retail becomes more advanced, retail agents will begin to build a more personal relationship with each customers.

Better Shopping Experience with Predictive content 

The main benefit of Predictive content is the ability for retailers ( Artificial intelligence in retail business) to stay top-of-mind during buying cycle. It help to maximizing their content creation investment and improving the customer’s post-purchase experience.
Actually predictive content doesn’t have the traditional ROI metrics associated with marketing solutions. But it  have a halo effect on marketing efforts such as undeliverability and in-box placement. Predictive content also have an remarkable role in service component.
Predictive content helps  business  to deliver  interesting and valuable content to subscribers  rather than sending irrelevant emails. It help ecommerce site to reach effectively to customers at all steps of the buying cycle.
 The Best Types Of Content
Content is the great way to introduce shoppers to their brand and entice them to enter the website . Posting video shows, articles, short blogs in the website help to attract and convey a lot of information about product to customers with  in a short amount of time.

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