Is omni channel store a must for millennials?

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Advancement of digital world has brought a dramatic change in the way people approach the business world. Now consumers tend to become Omni channel shoppers or the ‘omnishoppers’.  Meaning they buy things from a retail outlet by having a good study from online store with the support of social media recommendations.

Engaging them  with appropriate  technology and options has become an important task to yield success. Be it online or offline shopping, trends have emerged. Customers  now make a detailed study of the products they intend to buy. The shoppers who rely on these means have become more demanding. They are socially connected and convenience oriented than ever before.

Key Trend Analysis

As per the new analysis, UK has grown to a country with 83% of Omni shoppers. According to the studies, 28% of customers get hold to their required products in a click on a regular basis, while a 60% do so occasionally.

Though most of the customers are interested in in-store purchasing, the timelessness compel them to follow the other way. 74% of surveyed customers fall among those who love in-store purchasing while a 72% of them do online shopping.

While a 55% of the surveyed customers prefer shops in convenient location 45% looks for immediate availability of the required items. A 45% of them look for in-store offer while 39% are attracted by knowledgeable sale staff. The studies show that 10% give importance to the facilities to search the products in their phone.  57% of the surveyed customers agree that they go over the websites to learn more about the products while in store.

The digital world provides a platform to its customers to investigate and learn about new products. It remains one of the important sources for the customers to familiarize new products. 80% of shoppers explored new products in this manner, while only a 40% learned about the products from spoken words, as per the studies indicate.


From the words of Paul Dahill, head of brand and agency at Criteo Sponsored Products, there is a clear shift in behavior as websites and applications became increasingly ‘essential recommendation agencies’. This in turn is a warning to retailers to invest more in the digital part of their business.

Reference : Omnichannel buyers analysis


8 Replies to “Is omni channel store a must for millennials?”

  1. Yes the shopping trends really shows this fact. Retailers have to accept this trend and welcome omni channel shoppers to their store. They might prefer lot of channels to make a final buy.
    Don’t get frustrated. They may look at online store for price comparison. Get insight from their connected friend circle on social media. You should support them in giving more experience instead of arguing with them.

  2. I think the other way is also most common. People go to shop, study the item properly and then go for online shopping.

    1. Yes that is also true. But there are still a huge chunk of people who loves to buy it from a preferred and reputed vendor. They does negotiation by comparing with the online price and in most of the cases, they are successful in grabbing a good deal.

  3. Shopping has to become an experience, a stress reliever at the end of the purchase, either it on brick and mortar retail center or online. But, both systems often make shopping as a stress generator. Need of the time is to have better shopping experience. It happens occasionally only, on either systems of stores. In my personal experience, online retailers too make mistakes by not properly organising the products. One simple example, is the product suggestion methods. But some innovative small stores in brick and mortar group often make the shopping experience a cool event just by the simple and approachable arrangements of store area.

    1. Shopping experience. This is the trend going forward. Retailers or etailers who understand the importance of it started investing more on enhanced experience. Recently Amazon came up with counter free/cashier less retail stores – The Amazon GO, which is very convenient for the consumers. Shoppers now dont have to wait in long queue and waste valuable shopping time. Great convenience. Apart from these giant players like Amazon, the retailers also can easily imbibe this kind of approach. strive hard to create such innovations in online and offline shopping for the ultimate consumer experience.

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