Ecommerce Sales Returns – A new way to handle it

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The challenge

Customers are often in a stage of anxiety while making an online purchase. If the goods they order do not suit their actual requirement, they find it simply as a waste of time and money. Even if there are facilities to return these products, they find it as a burden as the e-commerce return rates are high.

This fact often makes people reluctant to depend online shopping, at least in some cases. Thus Ecommerce sales returns becomes a great burden for both the vendor and consumers equally.

The returned products of course cause additional expenses to the retailers. It is found that about one third of the orders made through web last up in being returned back. About 20 to 60 percentage of sold goods cost is being used to process and ship these returned goods back.

Ways to reduce the returns

The present scenario has compelled the merchants to reduce the returning cost of the products. Thus the unwanted expenses can be cut short. The first and foremost measure is to reduce the possibility of returning goods. One important way is to give proper and exact information regarding the product in the online sites. Retailers should specify data regarding size, color etc., with genuine photos of the goods.

Some etailers like ModCloth even encourage their customers to upload their own photos wearing their products. This will give a genuine idea how the product actually look like and gives a personalized experience.

Some even manage to set a small amount, if the customers opt for free returning facilities so as to meet the expenses while some offer free returning facilities. Most of the etailers specify some returning policies, detailing the terms and conditions of returning products. Facts indicate that about 58% of the customers are interested in returning the products in some physical stores, from where they make a new purchase too.

New Trends in handling ecommerce sales returns

Realising this truth, online shops are introducing an advanced concept in the world of digital marketing in this Christmas season. ”Same Day Return” facilities are going to be marked as a major step forward in solving this issue. An effective way in handling ecommerce sales return.

Presently, if the customers find the products they received are not up to their expectation, they have to physically post the items back. But, this new venture will help the online customers to send back products in a click. As customers book the products in a click, it becomes possible to return the same in a click at a place and time convenient to them. If needed, couriers would be sent to the requested places to collect the returned products, making it easier for the customers. In their busy schedule, this facility enables them to avoid the risk of going behind the returning procedures.


Introduction of ‘Same Day Return” facilities enables a faster turn around and help the etailers to ensure distribution of the returned products before the season ends up. It offers a better shopping experience to the customers as well as helps them save their valuable time. This also make the customers confident enough to purchase goods, forgetting about the risks of ordering the wrong item.


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8 Replies to “Ecommerce Sales Returns – A new way to handle it”

  1. Thanks for loving it. We are conducting more online research and consolidating the new trends in ecommerce industry.

  2. Sales return in ecommerce sites is often happens due to the poor product quality, fake product selling and seconds selling trends.

    1. Yes. That is a fact. People try to reduce price in online store by selling fake products. It is very important to know the reputation of the online store before you go for a purchase.

  3. Wow nicely done …i always prefer online shopping but when its come to return , i always confused and some online shopping sites doesn’t have the proper procedure for return, thats why I always buy a minimum quantity from Online store to avoid a big loss if there is any return

    1. Yes, there are chaos in sales return and to enforce consumer protection in this regards, there are regulations when one starts ecommerce site. For eg: to integrate with a payment gateway, there should be clear Return policy published in the proposed ecommerce site. Other wise it will not approve.

      So it is always better you read the return policy in the respective section of the site, and read it carefully to understand how the ecommerce vendors treat the sale return.

  4. It is a nice initiative.Nowadays the delivery from online stores is much faster comparing the return process.
    Today most of the cases the returning time may take one weak or most of the customers prefer traditional shopping.If the delivery and return process make fast, most of them will come to e-commerce and some of the sellers selling fake and worst products, If the customer gets a fake product he wants to take more time and procedure for return it.If the e-commerce return process simply it will attract more peoples to the e-commerce

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