Chatbots and Robots in Ecommerce- A nice to have feature or must have !!!

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Ecommerce Robot and chatbot shopping both play a significant role in the way consumers shops today. AI acts as a personal assistant in support of chatbots as well as being able to predict what items you’ll like, returning those results as you go through the shopping experience. Likewise, predictive content provides a more enriched experience by providing buyers with content relevant to their purchase history.

According to IFTTT survey, 58% of consumers depending on-line shopping during holiday season. To attract this shoppers, the retailers are investing more money in cutting-edge retail technologies like Robots and Chatbots. As a result, they are turning to chatbots shopping to give customer more accessibility to merchants. These retail chatbots offer consumers a variety of options, generally in a question-and-answer format with the ability to complete tasks without ever leaving their messaging application.

Few Survey Points about ecommerce chatbots

According to the survey, 83% of customers don’t need robot shopping  but they trust a delivery robot to bring on-line orders. Another 68% have never  used a  chat bot in e commerce  and 23% don’t even know about chat bot.

Retailers are leveraging  AI to crunch through large data sets  to identify trends and opportunities for marketing, so the shoppers are forced to invest in store tech.

Last year Gartner reports state that 60% of retailers were increasing their technology budget, by investing across personalization, social media and other areas. The report also projected that by 2020 , 53% spending increase in AI technology among retailers. Fact shows that, now retailers are spending more on chatbots and robots inorder to impress shoppers and making their shopping more easier. For businesses, these chatbots shopping can be used to automate customer service messages and send information regarding their orders,resolve any issues and interact with customers in real-time. Hence customers can chat with an AI robot and ask questions, receive customer commands and personalized recommendations, or purchase products all within one channel. Ebay Shopbot is a best example for E-Commerce Chatbots, which decline in eBay’s gross merchandise volume and increase marketplace awareness.

Some of the IFTTT result that will boost the confidence of retailers embracing AI technologies are

-36% of respondents  shop through a virtual assistant such as Alexa or Siri

-36% of shoppers use at least one retail subscription service like Stitch Fix

-53% are  using services like Old Navy and Amazon

-34% are actually shop more on-line than they do in-store.


The retailers should invest their increasing technology budget in AI technology like chatbots to make it a “must have” tool instead of “nice to have” for online marketers. Shopping chatbots will continue to improve in the coming years. Chatbot architecture and design will evolve to the point that shopping bots will become standard for retail. But there are numerous applications for chatbots across a variety of sectors. The growth of chatbots is undeniable and its importance in marketing is unavoidable.


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