Does chatbots really matters for online sellers

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The rise of AI chatbots has widened the openings in e-commerce field. Though a large share of customers don’t even know about chat bots, these automated programs play a key role in improving cash flow in online marketplace. Many of us has actually come across at least one chatbot, but might not have made enough effort to make use of it.

Expert Analysis

Studies reveals that marketers are still hesitant in accepting use of shopping chat bots. Almost 60% of marketers have never even tried using chatbots to communicate with its customers. Facts show that only 5% of marketers frequently interact with their customers through chatbots. Reasons for being reluctant to use chatbots are many. While for a 58% of marketers, chatbots doesn’t find a place under  their priority list,56% lack bandwidth and experience. 43% of the surveyed marketers face lack of enough knowledge and practice in technology. Financial constraint prevents a 32% from experimenting chatbots.

According to a survey conducted by IFTTT, 60% of retailers are planning to increase their technology budget. But, their significant projects would be concentrating in the areas of personalisation, social media predictive analysis etc. At the same time, the survey also reveals that by the year of 2020, 53% of marketers  would be investing in AI. These reports would definitely make the retailers vigilant about the need to invest in this field.

Advantages of Chatbots

For many retailers who cannot manage many customer queries simultaneously, chatbots mark a solution. Now a days, consumers are knee-deep into chat culture and the chat platforms play a key role in each of their decision process. In this scenario, chatbots are expected to make a dramatic change in shopping experience.  In a world, where customers expect lightning fast replies, chatbots have become indispensible tool in e-commerce.

These automated personal assistants can bridge the personalisation gap faced by online customers. In the age where customers are fed up with installing and familiarising different, but similar apps for a specific purpose, chat bots mark a turning point.  The days in which chat bots takes the charge of our stylists, travel assistant, trip adviser etc. is not far from reality.

Chatbots can help in boosting marketing strategies as well as remain a helping hand in managing online store. They also can help in cutting down the customer cost, service cost etc.  The implementation cost of chatbots is inexpensive, while developing an efficient one is much expensive task.

Limitations of Chatbots

Chat bots have a limited area with which it can deal with. It can answer only to those queries it actually is programmed with.  AI technology is limited to sending improved notifications and responding to the most basic questions. This remains as a main limitation of chatbots.

But as technology is improving, AI is able to process an immense flow of information. It comes up with meaningful responses and product recommendations as well as comparisons. Chatbots harness the acquired pool of information and feedback to improve conversations and facilitate payment processes.

Data is the key to the evolution of chatbots. By feeding the algorithm with enough data, bots can be empowered to stay on top of new requests and offer correct answers. Along with the learning made by chatbox before its launch, the process should continue for few more weeks.


In short, coming are the days of chat bots . Though it has not become much popular, it has started changing face of the industry. More innovations and experiments made in this field are opening way to the era of chatbox.


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