Mobile assisted store keepers boost up sales – A trend analysis

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Advancement in mobile technology had a huge impact on the shopping habits. People are well equipped with mobile technology now a days. As result of this, shoppers also looks for knowledgeable and mobile assisted store keepers to serve them better.

Retailers are realizing that their competitive advantage against on-line retailers is the experience that they are able to  create in their physical store. Hence in the past few years, there has been a huge focus on enhancing shopping experience.

The deployment of mobile devices can improve  store processes and open new ways for store managers to collaborate and communicate with their workers. So it’s been the top area of focus for most technology investments in Retail.

Mobile assisted store keepers – Survey Analysis 

According to the survey, 83% of consumers believed they are more knowledgeable than store associates about the product. Nearly one third of store associates  said they don’t have the ability to look up store inventory in real time. And 40% said they can only look up inventory that’s currently in stock. Fact shows that 61% of store associates said they are not armed with mobile devices and unknown about mobile technology.

In addition, the survey also shows the growth of sales by promoting mobile tool in retail shop. 40% chose looking up inventory in-store, at other locations and on-line. And 22% said access to detailed product information would provide the biggest benefit. About 14% said the ability to make price and product comparisons would be most useful. Survey result shows that all of these capabilities would allow store associates to better serve customers.


Consumers want stores to be better equipped with technology tools that could make  their shopping visits  easier and  fulfilling. To achieve this goal, the retailers are adapting technology, especially in the mobile arena. As part of this, providing mobile assisted store workers  is also becoming inevitable to increase sales and  better customer retention.


New survey shows mobile assisted store keepers increases sales and improve overall customer experience- Tulip Retail



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