Shopping trend analysis for increased holiday sales

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Getting into the core of what matters most to the customers is an easy method to predict the upcoming trends in business place. In that regard, knowing consumers shopping trend is one of the leading factors to be considered while preparing for the upcoming season.

Consumers Shopping Trend Analysis

As per the statistics, 83% of consumers plans to spend as much and more in this holiday season. The percentage of customers who plans to shop above $501 has dropped from 37% to 34%, this year. A large share of customers are planning a shopping for an amount between $250 to $500 in the upcoming holidays.

The materials of interest also vary depending on customers. A large share among the surveyed customers plan to buy gift cards, following the trend which was raised in last five years. Electronic gadgets and cloths are the next most wanted item in the holiday market. Only 5% is planning to own jewelry in this period.

Along with building up an idea regarding the demands, retailers have a lot more to do while preparing for the holiday sales. As the ratio of consumers in the market is more, retailers should ensure they are benefited out of this. For this, they should take measures to attract customers. Also, they should ensure flawless execution of the sales in physical as well as e commerce stores.


Storekeepers should be aware of the statistics of holiday shopping surveys  and on-going consumers shopping trend. Efforts should be made to understand the customer needs and interests. This can be achieved by preparing holiday shopping survey questions, which give a more clear cut idea about the trends. This may help in effective marketing as well as in providing personalized offers.
Maintaining customer relationship is another tip. Satisfying customer experiences are always converted into sales. When the employees are trained to maintain this, it helps a lot. Measures can be taken to encourage the employees to be good at customers. Cheering them up and motivating the employees result in improved sales.


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  1. I always wonder how major eCommerce websites are providing big discounts at the holiday seasons , whats the purpose behind it ? how they are compensating their losses ? ..its always confusing me

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