Loyalty and rewards became an Award for Customer

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Peoples passion over shopping does not  end till the world last. They spend most of their income for shopping especially during holiday season. As a precaution, shoppers are taking a holistic approach to their holiday spending. By joining loyalty and rewards program and consolidating their spending at specific retailers  to achieve hard dollar savings during the holiday season.

Rewards now become the  new currency for shoppers and they spend it carefully like a savings for the future and to get best out of the holiday season.

Loyalty and rewards program -Trend Analysis

According to a survey conducted by Citi retail service, more than two-thirds of Americans expect more savings from their holiday shopping through rewards programs. Average of customer are expecting to save for an amount between $149 to $200 from their upcoming holiday shopping.

The survey also found that loyalty programs are very effective in the holiday sales. Almost 86% of customers saying they are more loyal to the brands  and 72% of rewards users told  they’re smarter holiday shoppers than their peers. Also 67% of shoppers said they have already taken extra steps to  redeem rewards. About 41% of shoppers said they plan to use their rewards treat themselves .  Almost 90% of shoppers plan to utilize those programs during the holidays sales for savings.

Shoppers are taking positive means to plan out their spending and expand their budgets in a diplomatic way. Survey found that the shoppers consciously spending with the expectation of receiving bonus rewards or points promotions. As a result, 42% of shoppers follow common practice of buying in bulk  and  20% depend night shopping to take the advantage of flash sales.


Coming days, the rewards programs  are critical for sellers to resonate with consumers across the country, regardless of age. Consumers are very confident  that they will save money through  rewards programs  for the holiday season. Retailers need a consistent modification  and always keep a pulse on what customers are experiencing not only in  stores but in competitors. Then only they can boost  holiday purchasing power  of customers through rewards programs.


Most Loyalty Program Members Expect Holiday Season Savings-Loyalty360


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