Gen Z girls shopping trends you want to know

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The youngest generation might not be the biggest spenders, but they have influence over family purchases  and they’re growing up fast. Now Gen Z  became   retailer’s primary focus in holiday sales. They find difficulty to follow them because they are maturing quickly and has a unusual level of buying authority. Their  shopping  habits strongly depend  over family ,friends and their cohorts.  The Influence of social media in Gen Z holiday shopping is unavoidable and is important to analyses especially Gen Z girls shopping trend.

Gen Z is  more socially-commited and adverse to traditional notions like gender, race, fashion and beauty. While this make hard to progressive marketers, it make their job more difficult .

Gen Z girls shopping trend – Survey Analysis

According to the survey, Gen Z girls would love holiday gifts that offer a mix of the sentimental and practical . About 88% of Gen Z girls looks for gifts for their personal meaning and 77% would want the ones which are useful. Friends(81%) and Family(77%) are the largest influencers over the gifts Gen Z girls buy . Among product categories, more than half(63%) for fashion ,  62 % for travel and about 57%for concert tickets. Along 51% respondent depend on  tech devices and 49% on beauty . The youngest Gen Z girls  mostly depend on social media for gift and can obtain social currency in the form of likes and shares .

The survey also reveals about Gen Z vision on  beauty and style category, 81% said beauty was more about expression than products. About 73%  interested in  social media  for style guidance than dignitaries and 82% said their physical and digital identities were one and the same. Survey also shows Gen Z’s deep attachment to their mobile phones. About 39% desired a smart-phone as a gift, which support  apps that  offer visually sharing like Instagram and Snapchat. Fact shows that Gen Z shoppers are much adverse to traditional branding and marketing messaging.


It is the time for marketers to rethink about their marketing scenario. To succeed today, retailers need to connect to shoppers in a whole new way. GenZ’s specific  and general characteristics will certainly have a  larger significance on the consumer environment and purchasing process. Hence the marketers must break  traditional norms of separating and creating their approaches around these  young consumers. Retailers should  promote any personalization services on both digital platforms and in the storefronts.

Social media have a serious impact on Gen Z’s buying behavior. Micro influencers are useful to achieve the goal on digital marketing channels, as they carry smaller but often deeply loyal audiences. . Perfect utilization of social media help to make a magical change in marketing field on both online and in store .


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