NFC Technology – How Retailers are benefitted

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Availability of enormous digital tools has always confused retailers on which tool to invest. Latest innovation in wireless technology has opened ways to improve consumer communication and engagement. Near Field Communication – NFC in retail is one among these innovations which is expected to make a great explosion in the market.

NFC technology can help in redefining customer experience. It helps bridging gap between technology and consumer interactions. As a part of survival, it is a best solution for brick and mortar stores too.

Thus bringing together the technology and traditional marketing will definitely make fruitful effects in the brick and mortar business model.

 NFC in retail and it’s Advantages

NFC  is a short range, high frequency technology. It allows cell phones or any other NFC enabled device to easily communicate with smart-cards and readers.

Hence with the introduction of NFC enabled devices in the market, the face of retailing is expected to undergo considerable change. This small device may help to improve the market in many ways.

While improving customer experience remains one of the important concerns of marketers, this facility which facilitates better engagements with brands really helps. A notable advantage of NFC is that it is quite affordable. The implementation cost is very low. Similarly, it is user friendly as it is less complex.

Inside stores, NFC provides opportunity for the customers to familiarize the available product. It give them a chance to study deeply about the product. After sales, this technology enables the retailers to keep a track of the product throughout its life cycle.

An NFC enabled device enables interactions between marketers and customers. It also helps in collecting the details of customers, their shopping interests, and frequently purchased items. This facilitates personalized marketing and thus attracts the customers to visit again.

With NFC embedded technology, the shopping experience is going to be less complex. Single scanning of NFC tags by an NFC embedded device reveals all the details regarding the product and its availability in the store. The customer just has to pick up the item from the store and thus don’t have to waste their valuable time searching here and there.

Also since this technology enables finding out similar product with slight differences, say color or size. Thus in store shopping is no more a risky job to the customers.

Stores and Brands using NFC

Implementing this technology in stores helps in creating a more targeted shopping atmosphere. Companies like Timberland and have already started employing NFC technology in their stores.

In Timberland, it is used to find out the details of each product scanning the NFC tags with NFC embedded tablets provided from the store itself. The online store make use of it to display the range of products in their stores. Certain brands have introduced embedding NFC devices on their products so that they can track the product from the purchase, throughout the life-cycle.

Majority of customers prefer NFC technology over any other digital innovations like QR code, Bluetooth beacon etc. This is due to its high speed, convenience in handling and improved control over information.

In addition, NFC devices can be used for payment purposes too. Thus in many forms, this technology finds place in the world of retailing. The scopes of implementing such user friendly innovations are going to become an unavoidable part in the marketplace.


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