Is online sales a must for UK retailers – British shoppers trend Analysis

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Today shoppers are more   interested in online shopping than in-store during holidays. The market for online shopping is growing at a remarkable rate. The market potential for UK e-commerce is expected to improve dramatically in the upcoming days. At this point it is important for the retailers to understand the UK shopping trends to be better prepared for the holiday sales.

The prevailing culture of online shopping is more mature  in Europe. Hence retailers are investing in developing multiple channels with which to do business with shoppers.

UK Holiday online sales-A trend Analysis

The United Kingdom is famous for making e-commerce purchases in Europe. The market research firm predict,Out of 88% UK shoppers-71% move to online to avoid crowded instore shopping and 43% to avoid traffic. More than half(57%) of UK shoppers suggest online shopping during Black friday. 59% on Boxing day and 56% on New year day. Almost 91% UK adults used Amazon for shopping. With 56% used it for product affordability. Also studies found that almost a big percentage of Uk support mobile marketing. Mobile ecommerce reached in the first quarter of 2016 and currently accounts for just over half of all online purchases. At this point is important for the retailers to meet the demand and to step up their mobile sales efforts.

On other side most of the Uk shoppers still support  instore shopping. Study shows almost 95% of UK shoppers say they like going into a store for the ability to touch and feel merchandise (59%) and for the ability to buy items straightaway.

During holidays UK depend more on Mobile commerce . Study found that in December,during chritsmas  smartphones accounted for 54% of mobile  device sales, with tablets accounting for the other 46%. This is a huge uplift on December 2015, when smartphones accounted for 39% of mobile device sales. By Christmas of this year, economic analysts are predicting the balance will tip and mobile will account for over half of holiday spending.


Online shopping has become a popular shopping method ever since the internet has declared a takeover. It is continuously becoming more prominent and improving every single day. Likewise, the retailer’s improving his technological approach in marketing strategies. Now, retailing means going into shopping centres, going online and going mobile.


How British shoppers are buying across channels: study




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