Customer stress – Need and Methods to handle

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Stress is the biggest pain during holiday season. In a rush  to have a perfect Christmas, customers get stressed out . Those who find success in properly managing customer stress during holidays, definitely remain the successful one.

Though the holidays are season of happiness, in a hurry to make everything colorful, people gets troubled both in terms of time and money. The in-store crowd troubles about a quarter of the surveyed customers.

At the same time, finding out the  perfect gifts troubled 20% of them. Due to the  the lack of being  properly addressed, about one third of customers have already walked out of stores, according to the studies.

A major challenge faced by the customers is finding out the perfect gift. With the increased stress levels due to lack of time and increased expenditure, the customers find it difficult to be mindful and in majority of cases they end up in selecting unwanted stuffs.

Need of the hour

To make benefits out of the holiday sales, need of the hour is to provide a smooth, stress free shopping atmosphere to the customers. For this, the important task to be achieved is to identify and anticipate the customer needs.

Shoppers should keep in mind that customers just don’t buy the products, but they collect good feelings as well as solutions to their problems. The more shoppers can provide good experience, the more they can keep the customers in stores.

As a solution to customer’s anxiety over collecting perfect gifts, shoppers can come up with gift guides. with this, all those who walk up into the stores can have a deep idea about the available stuffs. Organizing the things in sections say mom’s gifts, dads gifts etc. help the customer to  spend time effectively.

Jacking up the prize during holiday season is not a good idea to improve the season’s sales. Merchants should always try to make the stuffs affordable. Always try to entertain buying more goods because you are affordable, not buying fewer products because you are not.

Creating gift bundles, enabling the customers to buy for more than one person at once will help the customers save time. Rewarding the customers with small gifts for shopping , providing fast e-mail interaction facilities etc. are ways to improve customer satisfaction.

Mobile Devices – A Solution for customer stress

In an era where customers are transforming into mobile world in lightning speed, marketers can easily make advantage of it. Also, the fact that customers are emotionally attached with their mobile devices make the task easier .

Customers consider mobile devices as an unavoidable part of their life. Providing a facility for these devices to participate in shopping procedures will surely make the customers feel comfortable.

Mobile devices can  provide alternate payment options. These mobile wallets can reduce the time spent standing in queue at the payment counter. Also mobile devices can be entertained as a reference of the items available in the store. It can also be used to refer all the details  about the  item, including its price.

Putting mobile devices into use enables the shoppers to offer later payment facilities to the customers. All such efforts  contributes to the stress management mission during holidays.


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