Social influencers – The Trend Setters.

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Millennial, being the first truly digitalised generation, are spending a large share of their day in social media. Definitely this habit has influenced them in many ways including their appearance, style, fashion, food habits and even their thoughts. This has brought a considerable change in their shopping patterns too.

The extend of influence

Studies reveal that their shopping interests greatly depend on the social media elements. Being influenced by celebrities in many ways is nothing new among youth. But, more access to the life of influencers has increased this mimicking tendency.

A recent survey suggests that, a 9% of the surveyed love replicating their social  influencers. The probability of purchasing items based on social media ratings is five times more than that recommended by a traditional one, as per the studies.

Looking in to the last year’s statistics, a 51% bought items watching the discussions made by their influencers in social media. In an effort to mimic their influencers, people search their timelines, watch you tube videos posted by them on a regular basis and observe their life patterns. A 63% of them do it at least once in a week while a 28% in a fortnightly basis.

Social influencers have grown as the trend setters in new world. They have a crucial role in deciding the lives of their followers starting from cloths they wear to  what video game shall they play. They decide how they shall arrange their house to the brands of appliances used in kitchen. Hence it is important for retailers to onboard these customers by having the right arrangements.

How Retailers should act when social influencers decides millennials shopping

All these facts gives a silent message to the retailers that it is time to put hand in influencer branding techniques. Giving more effort in this area benefit with high affinity, credibility and incremental reach.

At the same time, there are certain things to be kept in mind while concentrating in this area. Blind selection of influencers is not best practice marketing. Is omni channel store a must for millennials is also a relevant question for retailers.

Influencers shall be reaching out into the relevant type of audience and good fit to the brand. Reach, Relevance and Influence are the three key points to be kept in mind while selecting influencers.


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