Importance of Customer Loyalty in e-commerce

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Most of the brands have identified how important is the customers’ opinion about their product is. It is the user who determines the quality of the brand. And so, the future of the brand always lies in the hands of the customer. Improving user experience to build up customer loyalty is important. How the customers evaluate our product will determine how widely the product is accepted.

Aspects of building up customer loyalty

Building up customer loyalty through user experience includes several aspects. Establishing a bond of trust between the company and customer is the main thing. The relationship with customer should be trust worthy, intimate and secure. Through this, the customers prefer the company for a next time visit.

‘Product’ is the intermediate between the customer and company. The quality and performance of product can predict the bond of this relationship. Designing the product up to the customers’ expectation can help in maintaining this relation. A well designed product to meet customers’ requirements with high performance should be offered to improve customer loyalty. The product should be useful, usable, desirable, findable, accessible and credible.

Retailers should always try to keep customers above all. As per the famous saying, Customer is the king, especially in an era which customers have more idea regarding the products and brands. From the start, companies should keep the importance of customers in mind and plan everything according to their interest. Starting from the selection, design, marketing strategies etc., the customers’ point of vision should be kept in mind and considered with importance.

In the era of technology, it is easy to use the digital platforms to improve user experience. The websites and mobile applications are assisting the companies to add convenience in improving user experiences. Retailers should keep in mind to make these websites and mobile application excellent one as a poor experience in the digital world is even worse than going physically into stores and making purchases. These platforms should be simpler to be understood by all kind of customers, else even this makes a positive result.

Keeping your customers is important

It is important to keep users rather than making an effort to gain new customers. Once a company succeed in keeping their users satisfied, even they play the role of marketing personals. Their reviews on websites and their opinion that spread as even word of mouth has a great role to play in attracting new customers. Retailers can put forward special discounts, offers and rewards to keep their customers. Especially when rewards have grown to such an extend that it has transformed into another form of money, it has a lot to do in keeping the customers. It can also help in attracting new ones.

Retailers should arrange platforms for the customers to interact with the outside world about your product. Social engagement of the customers is really helpful in increasing new customers. When a customer rates your product with more stars on a public platform, it opens a chance for the world to know about the product, and positive opinions about it.

Constant messaging with the customers is another important aspect to be considered to improve customer loyalty. Sending constant, personalised message, addressing the individuals can drive loyalty a lot.

Adding new features to the products in times may tend the customers to keep a track on the product, and this can improve mobile app or website engagement. Making frequent predictions about next level of improvement makes the customers stick into the brand, looking for an updated version.


In short, it is the time for marketers to concentrate in user experience field, familiarise with it and implement in marketing strategy.

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