Month: March 2018


20180315UTC 4:31:00 pm by Fathima Sona 0 Comments
Today world has changed to E- World.  Every word in the world related  with online and all are walking behind the internet. Internet became an essential factor for today man's life and it has a crucial role in his shopping behavior. Now everything in the world available at our doorstep through few clicks. Online service made marketing simpler, faster and easier. Nowadays people are addicted to online marketing. For their daily needs, they mostly depend on computer or smartphones. Online Fish Marketing Today, fish marketing also become online. Hence common people can buy any fish f
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‘MarineFishSales’ – An online fish marketing platform for fishermen

20180312UTC 2:30:52 am by Fathima Sona 0 Comments
The world is totally changed, so is the style of fish marketing. From basket to cycles to motorbikes. And now marketing fish through online platform. Yes, it has become a truth. The Central Marine Fisheries Research Institute has come out with a new innovation for fish marketing. An online fish marketing platform with a multi-vendor e-commerce website and a mobile app named 'Marinefishsales'  in Kochi. Online fish marketing platform Now the fishermen in Kochi can sell their fresh fish easily and fastly  through few clicks on  their mobile. And payment is avilabl
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E-commerce and The Mobile App

20180305UTC 4:28:02 pm by Fathima Sona 0 Comments
Mobile users in the world increasing day by day. People depending mobile for their daily activities especially for shopping. Mobile commerce shortly called m-commerce became a trend now. M-commerce changes human lifestyle. It changes the shopping process more easier and fast. Amazon, Wish,  zulily are the best examples of prominent e-commerce app that people depending today mostly for their shopping. 0nline shopping is increasing and the necessity for m-commerce app (Mobile-app)  growing every day. Ways to Capitalize on m-commerce Today, demand for the mobile app for e-commerce co
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