Month: April 2018

‘Same Day Delivery’- A Trend Analysis

20180413UTC 9:16:48 am by Fathima Sona 0 Comments
Same Day Delivery is the latest trend and a challenging service in the e-commerce industry. Now people need everything at their hand as soon as possible. They have no time to wait for anything. By considering this behavior pattern of modern man, the e-commerce companies decided to take an innovative move called "Same Day Delivery" by using latest technologies in order to exist in competitive online marketing. As a result, most of the public e-commerce platforms like Amazon, DHL etc start their Same Day Delivery service with new layers. Merchants And Buyers Actually by hearing the wo
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How to find the best ecommerce platform for your business?

20180409UTC 7:10:27 am by Fathima Sona 0 Comments
Online marketing became a common marketing process today. People depending e-commerce site for purchasing their daily needs. E-commerce and m-commerce have an unavoidable role in modern men's shopping behavior. As a result, Demand for e-commerce brand increases the demand for the e-commerce platform. Usually, people have a thought that creating an e-commerce site and starting a online marketing is an easy task for making money. It's a wrong concept, Actually, it has its own difficulties like an offline market. Anyhow, Let's find out how to choose an e-commerce platform that suitable for our bu
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How To Launch A Successful E-Commerce Brand ?

20180407UTC 5:07:31 am by Fathima Sona 0 Comments
World get more digitalized today. E-commerce became the hero in marketing and everyone here is an entrepreneur. Modern technologies and trends make today's men take any financial risk by thinking about the profit. Do you want to be an entrepreneur? Earning something as our own is not a small thing. If you want to try to sell your own products online and build a profitable eCommerce business. Here are some important steps that a beginner should follow to become an entrepreneur by launching a Successful E-Commerce Brand. Product finding The first thing we need to begin an E-commerce
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