‘Same Day Delivery’- A Trend Analysis

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Same Day Delivery is the latest trend and a challenging service in the e-commerce industry. Now people need everything at their hand as soon as possible. They have no time to wait for anything. By considering this behavior pattern of modern man, the e-commerce companies decided to take an innovative move called “Same Day Delivery” by using latest technologies in order to exist in competitive online marketing. As a result, most of the public e-commerce platforms like Amazon, DHL etc start their Same Day Delivery service with new layers.

Merchants And Buyers

Actually by hearing the word ‘Same Day Delivery’, we will think that it’s a very easy process. Yes, its true for a  small entrepreneur who works in an eCommerce portal only to promote and sell his own products … But it is very difficult for a vendor accesses public platforms like Amazon and eBay. It’s an interesting service for customers because they will get their ordered product as soon as possible. They are ready to pay extra money for this fast delivery process.

Merchants Duties to decrease delivery time

Merchants face some sort of difficulties to make this latest technology into an active mode. They need a certain integration and scalability methods for the well going of this challenging service.

In order to extend this service beyond major cities, the merchant should build warehouses in small towns and districts and also at the outskirt of the major city (for reaching beyond large cities). They should have a right logistics provider for easy delivery into the distant place. Choosing an appropriate logistics partner for the delivery process is an essential factor. So, some attributes like reliability, operational strength, scalability should keep in mind while selecting a right logistic partner for your delivery process


The main benefits of the latest trend ”Same Day Delivery”  is the ordered product is available at our doorstep within a short span of time. The availability of ordered product increases the volume of ordering products. As a result, the marketing increases and provide a high growth in profit.

For example, Amazon the famous public e-commerce platform launched a new program called Amazon Prime. It includes Prime now(One-hour delivery for £6.99 or two-hour delivery with no extra charge ), Prime same day( no extra charge on orders before noon), Prime One Day (Prime customers have unlimited one-day delivery). Their innovation programme and its flexibility make them different from others.

Amazon-like e-commerce industries increase their productivity and making profits by the maximum utilization of latest trend. These can be also followedby the other e-commerce platforms through hard work. And make their clients happier and build a relationship of trust between them.


Merchants should work hard to sustain in this competitive digitalized marketing. Because in some instance the’ Same Day Delivery ‘ process became worthless when the delivery cost is larger than the product cost. And the proximity of our warehouse is very huge to the customer location. And also heavy products like furniture can’t deliver to the customers on the same day. Anyhow, when we considering the matter of existence this type of small defect can be ignore by thinking about the matter of profit and scope of e-commerce for coming days.

Customer is the main target and they are giving good feedback on the Same Day Delivery process. They are fully satisfied with the new trend that is why flying drone increasing day by day. Cost is not a problem for them and they are ready to pay the extra charge for the fast delivery. They only need a satisfactory service. So, try to build more impressive trends like ‘Same  Day Delivery’ and make your e-commerce more profitable by impressing your buddies.

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