Does ‘Flying Drone’ is relevant for e-commerce?

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‘Flying Drone’ became a new trend in the e-commerce company. Some of you are familiar with ‘Drone delivery’…..Other don’t feel bad. I will help you to know about ‘drone delivery’ and more. It’s an interesting topic and a different concept in the e-commerce industry.

Drone Delivery

A drone delivery is an unnamed aerial vehicle to transport food, goods or other. Now, in many e-commerce companies providing this facility for delivering products near to customer’s doorstep. For example  Amazon prime air, UPS drone deliveries, using the top of its vans as a mini-helipad, domino’s drone delivery etc.

Merits of Drone Delivery

Drone Delivery is an innovative concept in product delivery. Main advantage of this modern method is we can easily deliver our company products to any international locations within minutes. Drone delivery is very fast and less expensive when compared to other delivery processes, like Shipping delivery.  Product delivery through water and roadways are very time consuming and expensive.

Drones provide helpful tasks to avoid injuries, accidents, and threats when it involves handling in an ambiance that is not convenient for human survival.  Usability is another benefit of this aerial technology because this Drone can be operated by any individual, no guides needed. By using this new and modern drone technology the e-commerce company can improve their operational framework.


The lifespan of Drone technology is very short because the batteries designs are smaller that does not to last for more than four hours.  Maybe the situation will change in future by providing better updates on its current activities. It has some possibility to attack flying drones by Larger flying animals. For example, the eagle will capture drones by thinking that is its prey.

Flying drone is restricted over military bases due to security reasons. Another demerit is the main control system of drones can be easily hacked by replacing the original users and collect essential information easily. It can be used negatively more than a delivery process. Criminal can use drones to fulfill their criminal intents.


Everything in nature has positive and negative sides. Drone technology is also like that…But all its negative can be overcome by improving its features and functionalities for eg: Passenger drone by carrying 184 deliveries introduced at the Consumer Electronics Show ( Ehang 184). However, the drone technology is its initial level, For coming days we can see its magical performance. I am sure that ‘Flying Drone’ will be a star in online marketing so that it has an unavoidable role in e-commerce.


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