Does Magento provide Instant Purchase Features?

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Magento made an unpredictable change in the online buying process with the introduction of instant checkout feature. It makes the customer’s shopping behavior easier and faster.  With much  awaited Instant purchase feature magento brings online merchants an impressionable shopping cart system. This increases the sales conversion of magento ecommerce store.

What is Instant Checkout?

Instant checkout means the word itself that allows the clients to place the order in few seconds without going through all checkout process making things much simple, faster and easier.  Amazon had the exclusive ownership of this feature through patent and is expired on 2017.

It takes the form of a button on every page of the products. By using the default shipping address, billing address and stored payment method, the system places customer’s order when they click on it. Like this…everything is taken care by Magento itself. It helps to make your job easier.

One-click checkout process seems a good method to make human’s shopping behavior simpler and more interesting. The main objective of this new feature is,  it understands the users that your single click is enough to do your shopping through its effective and fast performance.

Intant checkout for high sales conversion

Normally customers leave their e-commerce site before purchase because of too many checking processes. With the introduction of Instant checkout feature, Magento came up with the best solution for this problem. The key features of instant purchase include a customizable button,  high-speed, mobile-advanced checkout that decreases purchase time,  Automatic shipping to the client’s default location, the possibility of multiple payment methods.

Apart from instant checkout feature, Magento advanced its built-in SEO tools which helps search engines drag the pages of the website and automatically modify its ranking on the search result pages. It supports effective and cost sensitive program. It allows various discounts and promotions during check-out and brings more than 50 payment mode. These all features make Magento a number one in e-commerce platform.

Always thinks for something new that keeps you different from others like the one-click event. Then only you can exist in this competitive digitalized world. Customers need to purchase more products through the site with few times. So give more importance to their likes and dislikes and apply new innovative ideas in your website to catch customer’s impression. Just try it……….maybe it will workout…!!!

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