Month: August 2018

7 steps to cut the cost of magento ecommerce store development

20180814UTC 6:52:26 am by Fazil Mahammood 0 Comments
You would want to try out your luck in ecommerce space without making much initial investment. If yes, please go ahead. This lists out 7 steps to cut the cost of magento ecommerce store. It is very important that you start the store with minimum initial investment to prevent burn out during the initial phase itself. At the same time it is very critical to have all rich features of most modern ecommerce store during your initial launch itself to attract the end customers. This article is to help you understand few major steps you can take to cut down your ecommerce sites cost drasticall
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Common security attacks on Magento Ecommerce Stores

20180812UTC 4:12:50 am by Fazil Mahammood 0 Comments
As a service provider in the ecommerce industry for the past 4 years, etailer souq have gone through many security attacks on magento ecommerce stores  hosted in amazon aws ec2 server. This article  is intended to throw lights in those hacking areas. This also talks about few of the remedial measures we have taken to prevent such attacks. Why would
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