Author: Fazil Mahammood

7 steps to cut the cost of magento ecommerce store development

20180814UTC 6:52:26 am by Fazil Mahammood 0 Comments
You would want to try out your luck in ecommerce space without making much initial investment. If yes, please go ahead. This lists out 7 steps to cut the cost of magento ecommerce store. It is very important that you start the store with minimum initial investment to prevent burn out during the initial phase itself. At the same time it is very critical to have all rich features of most modern ecommerce store during your initial launch itself to attract the end customers. This article is to help you understand few major steps you can take to cut down your ecommerce sites cost drasticall
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Common security attacks on Magento Ecommerce Stores

20180812UTC 4:12:50 am by Fazil Mahammood 0 Comments
As a service provider in the ecommerce industry for the past 4 years, etailer souq have gone through many security attacks on magento ecommerce stores  hosted in amazon aws ec2 server. This article  is intended to throw lights in those hacking areas. This also talks about few of the remedial measures we have taken to prevent such attacks. Why would
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How Ecommerce Store Owners are affected during Black Friday Sales

20171105UTC 4:52:44 am by Fazil Mahammood 1 Comment
Seasons are warming up and online store owners are rushing up to excite their customers with holiday offers. This year also Ecommerce store owners are preparing to play a pivotal role in the holidays. At this outset it is important to know few of the market trends , black friday marketing strategy  and key analysis points from e-commerce researchers. A survey from NPD group as published in CNBC reveals that, this year more Americans are expected to begin their holiday shopping in the middle of the season, or Thanksgiving weekend, as opposed to late in the season, or early December. NPD had
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Megsstar Technology Dubai has partnered with etailer souq

20171101UTC 11:11:24 am by Fazil Mahammood 2 Comments
DJ Equipment store - MegsstarTechnology partnered with Etailer souq
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Will mobile commerce surpass the ecommerce by 2021

20170907UTC 3:19:24 pm by Fazil Mahammood 4 Comments
The advent of Mobile app development is a tremendous achievement in the modern world. It has brought newer ideas and innovations that are bound to stand the test of time.  According to industry experts, the coming years are going to witness a ‘Mobile App Revolution’, especially in the ecommerce sector. Mobile commerce has changed a lot over the last five years. The ratio of online sales done through mobile phones has jumped to two-thirds in 2016 from quarter in 2012, as per the data revealed by The Integer Group
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5 Tactics to reduce abandoned shopping carts

20170811UTC 11:32:33 am by Fazil Mahammood 0 Comments
Ecommerce store owners does a lot of home work to attract customers to their online store. Once they are in, it is very important to keep them engaged, show personalized offers to retain them and make a sale conversion. Now a days getting the customers to stay and make them to do a selection from the store's product offering is getting more tougher due to lot of competitors in the market. If there is a slight complexity in the online checkout process it will make them more frustrating and there will be a customer churn out. According to the Checkout Conversion Index™ , the main
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Rich user experience using Magento 2

20170701UTC 4:25:31 am by Fazil Mahammood 0 Comments
Magento is undoubtedly a great platform to build high quality online store to attract the end customers by its fascinating user experience. Look at how Etailer Souq has developed ecommerce store using Magento which delights the end user by its great design. Thanks to magento for its inbuilt features and high flexibility for the store designers to come up with any kind of attractive design they would imagine to attract their end customers. Prominent online stores built using Magento 2.x are given below. The complete list can be f
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What is the best Online store software?

20170630UTC 2:23:22 pm by Fazil Mahammood 0 Comments
You can see the answer from our CEO at Quora to get a glance on the most prominent eCommerce development softwares prevailing in the industry. Read Fazil Alraislabs'
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5 simple steps to start your online ecommerce store in 30 days

20170625UTC 9:24:21 am by Fazil Mahammood 1 Comment
If you are planning to start an online store, you will get stuck up with many questions. You might already have a presumption that it is a blend of technology and trading operations. Involving yourself to manage both worlds would give you a nightmare and it hampers your business. You already would have managing many vendors and service providers at one hand to run your normal business and adding online store activities on the other hand would make the life challenging. In order to make the life of a store owner simple, we at etailer souq has summarized the major activities involved to start
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Etailer Souq’s first foot step in Dubai at International E-commerce show

20170523UTC 1:27:33 pm by Fazil Mahammood 1 Comment
Welcome to Etailer Souq. Alrais Labs' specialized e-commerce wing, Etailer souq has made its first footstep in Dubai at the E-commerce show held at International convention center Dubai UAE. Alrais Labs is a multi national company, with expertise in diversified technologies and business sectors, and has direct offices in UAE. With its highly experienced and collaborative team, Alrais Labs provides consulting, development, training and support to partners and customers in over different countries. An exclusive E-commerce business unit - Etailer Souq is formulated under Alrais Labs in order t
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