Does ‘Flying Drone’ is relevant for e-commerce?

20180526UTC 7:39:12 am by Fathima Sona 0 Comments
'Flying Drone' became a new trend in the e-commerce company. Some of you are familiar with 'Drone delivery'.....Other don't feel bad. I will help you to know about 'drone delivery' and more. It's an interesting topic and a different concept in the e-commerce industry. Drone Delivery A drone delivery is an unnamed aerial vehicle to transport food, goods or other. Now, in many e-commerce companies providing this facility for delivering products near to customer's doorstep. For example  Amazon prime air, UPS drone deliveries, using the top of its vans as a mini-helipad, domino's drone
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How to find the best ecommerce platform for your business?

20180409UTC 7:10:27 am by Fathima Sona 0 Comments
Online marketing became a common marketing process today. People depending e-commerce site for purchasing their daily needs. E-commerce and m-commerce have an unavoidable role in modern men's shopping behavior. As a result, Demand for e-commerce brand increases the demand for the e-commerce platform. Usually, people have a thought that creating an e-commerce site and starting a online marketing is an easy task for making money. It's a wrong concept, Actually, it has its own difficulties like an offline market. Anyhow, Let's find out how to choose an e-commerce platform that suitable for our bu
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How To Launch A Successful E-Commerce Brand ?

20180407UTC 5:07:31 am by Fathima Sona 0 Comments
World get more digitalized today. E-commerce became the hero in marketing and everyone here is an entrepreneur. Modern technologies and trends make today's men take any financial risk by thinking about the profit. Do you want to be an entrepreneur? Earning something as our own is not a small thing. If you want to try to sell your own products online and build a profitable eCommerce business. Here are some important steps that a beginner should follow to become an entrepreneur by launching a Successful E-Commerce Brand. Product finding The first thing we need to begin an E-commerce
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E-fish marketing.com

20180315UTC 4:31:00 pm by Fathima Sona 0 Comments
Today world has changed to E- World.  Every word in the world related  with online and all are walking behind the internet. Internet became an essential factor for today man's life and it has a crucial role in his shopping behavior. Now everything in the world available at our doorstep through few clicks. Online service made marketing simpler, faster and easier. Nowadays people are addicted to online marketing. For their daily needs, they mostly depend on computer or smartphones. Online Fish Marketing Today, fish marketing also become online. Hence common people can buy any fish f
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‘MarineFishSales’ – An online fish marketing platform for fishermen

20180312UTC 2:30:52 am by Fathima Sona 0 Comments
The world is totally changed, so is the style of fish marketing. From basket to cycles to motorbikes. And now marketing fish through online platform. Yes, it has become a truth. The Central Marine Fisheries Research Institute has come out with a new innovation for fish marketing. An online fish marketing platform with a multi-vendor e-commerce website and a mobile app named 'Marinefishsales'  in Kochi. Online fish marketing platform Now the fishermen in Kochi can sell their fresh fish easily and fastly  through few clicks on  their mobile. And payment is avilabl
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Future and top trends of E-commerce

20180221UTC 9:53:09 am by Aravind Mohan 0 Comments
Future of E-commerce E-commerce is by definition, the transaction, the buying, and selling of products and services through internet. The Future of E-commerce is being developed by focusing on the internet market and business. E-commerce Trends were being updated time by time, minute by minute. E-commerce was introduced about around 40 years ago, and we participate in for the last couple of years on a daily basis. Nowadays, E-commerce has space, a very vital role in the world of business and marketing. In the middle of the
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Is online sales a must for UK retailers – British shoppers trend Analysis

20171208UTC 5:10:10 pm by Fathima Sona 0 Comments
Today shoppers are more   interested in online shopping than in-store during holidays. The market for online shopping is growing at a remarkable rate. The market potential for UK e-commerce is expected to improve dramatically in the upcoming days. At this point it is important for the retailers to understand the UK shopping trends to be better prepared for the holiday sales. The prevailing culture of online shopping is more mature  in Europe. Hence retailers are investing in developing multiple channels with which to do business with shoppers. UK Holiday online sales-A trend Analysi
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Ecommerce Sales Returns – A new way to handle it

20171113UTC 4:54:30 pm by Jemsheena E V 8 Comments
The challenge Customers are often in a stage of anxiety while making an online purchase. If the goods they order do not suit their actual requirement, they find it simply as a waste of time and money. Even if there are facilities to return these products, they find it as a burden as the e-commerce return rates are high. This fact often makes people reluctant to depend online shopping, at least in some cases. Thus Ecommerce sales returns becomes a great burden for both the vendor and consumers equally. The returned products of course cause additional expenses to the retailers.
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Megsstar Technology Dubai has partnered with etailer souq

20171101UTC 11:11:24 am by Fazil Mahammood 2 Comments
DJ Equipment store - MegsstarTechnology partnered with Etailer souq
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How does personalized experience at your ecommerce store improve sales

20171010UTC 4:53:33 pm by Jemsheena E V 1 Comment
Personalisation has risen as a new trend, which cuts an easy path to victory of retailers. Those retailers who succeeds in delivering or offering products as per the expectation and need of each of their customers, way to the door of success is less to them.  Ecommerce personalized marketing statistics helps in improving the sales. Tailoring the pages of website according to individual customer’s need and hope creates a platform to enhance customer service, resulting in increased customer satisfaction. This method of one-to-one marketing adopts means to meet customers need in a most effi
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Will mobile commerce surpass the ecommerce by 2021

20170907UTC 3:19:24 pm by Fazil Mahammood 4 Comments
The advent of Mobile app development is a tremendous achievement in the modern world. It has brought newer ideas and innovations that are bound to stand the test of time.  According to industry experts, the coming years are going to witness a ‘Mobile App Revolution’, especially in the ecommerce sector. Mobile commerce has changed a lot over the last five years. The ratio of online sales done through mobile phones has jumped to two-thirds in 2016 from quarter in 2012, as per the data revealed by The Integer Group
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5 Tactics to reduce abandoned shopping carts

20170811UTC 11:32:33 am by Fazil Mahammood 0 Comments
Ecommerce store owners does a lot of home work to attract customers to their online store. Once they are in, it is very important to keep them engaged, show personalized offers to retain them and make a sale conversion. Now a days getting the customers to stay and make them to do a selection from the store's product offering is getting more tougher due to lot of competitors in the market. If there is a slight complexity in the online checkout process it will make them more frustrating and there will be a customer churn out. According to the PYMNTS.com Checkout Conversion Index™ , the main
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