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We build solutions that has seamless integration capability with powerful e-commerce service providers. We are a specialised e-commerce team and we build the complete future proof online store for you with all rich features of the trendy e-commerce world through powerful integration
All advanced services are integrated through plugins and api's and etailer souq team had garnered exposure in collaborating with internationally accredited payment gateway service providers, courier service providers and more. See our key integrators.

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Beacon marketing integration

Beacon marketing integration

As more innovations are made in the field of technology, it is time for store owners to adopt changes in marketing strategies. Conventional promotion campaigns are not enough to attract the technology driven customers. Trending innovations like Beacons are making dramatic changes in the e-commerce as well as retail industry. Exploring technology driven solution such as Beacon is important to figure out interested or loyal customers and locate them when they are in store premises and engage them with high store experience by sending personalized offers and promotions on their smartphones. Beacons, with its real time messaging systems, remain a powerful as well as accurate tool in attracting customers. This can improve the shopping experience as well as helps the retailers to collect customer details, which can be used for further analysis.

  • The module can be placed anywhere near the store or event location.
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