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We build solutions that has seamless integration capability with powerful e-commerce service providers. We are a specialised e-commerce team and we build the complete future proof online store for you with all rich features of the trendy e-commerce world through powerful integration
All advanced services are integrated through plugins and api's and etailer souq team had garnered exposure in collaborating with internationally accredited payment gateway service providers, courier service providers and more. See our key integrators.

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Benefit integration

Payment Gateway : Benefit integration

Benefit’s Gateway checks for validity, encrypts transaction details, ensures they are sent to the correct destination and then decrypts the responses which are sent back to the shopping cart / billing / account system. It is integrated with a variety of shopping cart software, databases, Internet merchant accounts and protocol exchange servers. Further on, it is also certified by VISA and MasterCard for the electronic commerce transactions via the Internet, by mandating all their rules and protocols as per VbV (3D Secure) protocol of VISA and SecureCode protocol of MasterCard.

  • Secure and reliable real-time transaction processing.
  • Easy report generation, payment settlements and account reconciliation process.
  • Enables multiple-currency payments.
  • Customized gateway as per the payment process requirements of individual entities.
  • Integrates with other channels such as website, IVR, Kiosks, Call Center, Mobile Devices and Batch processing.
  • Protects merchants or corporations from any misuse or fraud attempts.
  • Single application for web and app
  • Integration for both iOS and android
  • Magento 2x support
Integration 2 Days
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