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We build solutions that has seamless integration capability with powerful e-commerce service providers. We are a specialised e-commerce team and we build the complete future proof online store for you with all rich features of the trendy e-commerce world through powerful integration
All advanced services are integrated through plugins and api's and etailer souq team had garnered exposure in collaborating with internationally accredited payment gateway service providers, courier service providers and more. See our key integrators.

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Ecommerce Mobile Application : IOS and Android

As the world is slowly getting more into their smartphones, operating systems iOS and android has started gaining popularity. In such a scenario an integration of these with the website is the most sought after service. This integration is setup in a common platform of Magento 2x. They can be integrated easily in a small span of time and can also be custom designed.

  • Single application for web and app
  • Delivery within a short time span
  • Integration for both iOS and android
  • Custom theme development
  • Magento 2x support
Integration 20 Days
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