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We build solutions that has seamless integration capability with powerful e-commerce service providers. We are a specialised e-commerce team and we build the complete future proof online store for you with all rich features of the trendy e-commerce world through powerful integration
All advanced services are integrated through plugins and api's and etailer souq team had garnered exposure in collaborating with internationally accredited payment gateway service providers, courier service providers and more. See our key integrators.

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Payment Gateway : Payfort integration

Payfort is a prominent payment gateway integrator at GCC primarily providing payment services in Dubai, Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Oman. Alrais Labs Etailer Souq is an authorized integrator for Payfort. It comes with a ready made plugin for Magento 2.x which enables us to integrate it with an ease. This enables us to give you a best payment integration option in Dubai and other GCC countries.

  • Talk to Payfort team and we help you in getting it done very fast
  • Make the online store live with the regulatory pages
  • Pages include Contact Us, Privacy Policy, Security Policy, Return Policy
  • Provides a ready made payment gateway plugin to integrate with Magento 2.x
Duration for opening an account10 Days
Duration for integration and testing 1 Day
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