Ecommerce mobile app design

Ecommerce is a big industry that thrives on the vendors and the customers. An ecommerce website or an estore is said to be successful if the customers are happy and is being run profitably. As with the case of anything, ecommerce trends and the needs of customers too have morphed through years. As per a research conducted, ecommerce stores like,, etc has more than half of their sales done through their ecommerce mobile application than their website. has a total traffic of 84,100,000 visitors, of which 58.81% had accessed the same from their ecommerce web app. Similarly,, and were involved in the research and they all proved to be having more than 50% of their traffic and sales from their mobile application.

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Fellofish Mobile Application Design

Fello Fish provides online Fish/Meat/Chicken ordering service that helps customers order products in their area, filter by categories, browse products and place their orders with an option of online payment or cash on delivery. They offer our services through desktops and mobile apps for iPhone, Android. They are based in Bahrain and is planning to extend our business all over GCC

Spetex Mobile Application Design

With a rapidly growing business reaching out to over 1,00,000 customers via a unique combination of a strong online business as spetex, uniquely designed physical stores, as well as a first of its kind 'home eye check up' service, Spetex is revolutionizing the eyewear industry in india.

Etailersouq background
Etailersouq background

Mdent Mobile Application Design

Mdent App is a targeted for Dental clinics to connect to the tooth manufacturer. This helps clinics to order their patients replacement tooth by sharing the real time specifications like texture, transclucency etc.

Amuma Mobile Application Design

AMUMA work as a middleman between chef and customer,This app will help you to find best chef's and their verity of recipes which you can order directly from the app

Etailersouq background
Etailersouq background

Almahroosa Mobile Application Design

The Almahroosa App bridges the existing distribution gap among national and international electronic product brands and millions of retailers spread across UAE. It brings the best of brands at the doorstep.

Lifein Health Care Mobile Application Design

This brings in a paradigm shift in the way how people buy medicine. This is a companion app for any common man to store their medical records, buy medicines using prescription, find out alternative medicines etc.

Etailersouq background
Etailersouq background

Interiors Bahrain Mobile Application Design

Interiors Bahrain is Bahrain's leading e-tailer of online furniture, decor, and interior design services with beautiful and thoughtful design, exemplary customer service, and unwavering focus on quality. interiors Bahrain catalogue has wide range of furniture designs for every room in the house, from living and bedroom to dining room and study. From classic to contemporary, their furniture designs have been crafted carefully to suit a wide range of interior design tastes and preferences.

LED & Lighting Portfolio Mobile Application Design

A portfolio app to demonstrate the variety of products coming under different brands. User can view the specification features etc using this app. This app is targeted for dealers to demonstrate the product lines of different vendors to its customers.

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  • Fellofish-Buy fresh fish and meat online

    With the help of us they transformed their dream into reality and now fellofish ecommerce store , IOS and Android apps are available for public in a month

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  • Car accessories in Dubai

    Offering an extensive collection of over 200 top international and local brands with more than 10,000 products, their customers can shop from their categories online.

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  • Lifein easy

    Lifeln will not just be a solution for easy availability of medicines instead will be headed by qualified staffs who will introduce the customers to the world of new medicines

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  • Best1 QA

    Super market that located in qatar with seven branches in all around the qatar with a wide veriety of products in a single store

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  • Spetex

    Spetex started in 2018 to provide eyewears for the millions of people around the world.

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