Lifein - experience the shopping in a hyper pharmacy

Lifeln will not just be a solution for easy availability of medicines instead will be headed by qualified staffs who will introduce the customers to the world of new medicines, diet, nutrition and also the technological advancements in medical equipment to make your life easy and healthy.

The major motto of these eight youngsters is to give the people here the experience of shopping in a hyper pharmacy, where they could pick their needs, looking across the various brands of the same product. The concept of hyper pharmacy is widely popular in abroad and new to the Keralities, which they try to replicate with the Lifeln.


Features of Lifein

There are lot of features are available in Lifein that will help customers to identify their product and purchase them with in seconds
They are listed below:

  • Payment integration (Credimax and Benefit)
  • One time OPT registration for customers
  • One step checkout
  • Login with mobile number
  • Auto suggested product search
  • Pre-order facility to entire product
  • Custom cutting options for entire products
  • Frondend Quantity update with decimal point
  • Multiple product listing blocks
  • IOS and Android application
  • Single admin panel for mobile app and website
  • Scientific and local name for entire products

We love challenges

While creating fellofish we faced lot of challenges that solved by our expert magento team, In here we are listing some of major challenges that we faced during the development.

Payment integration

Usually we deal with PAYPAL and cc-avenue like major payment methods, in this case we got credimax and benefit both are well-known in Bahrain market, but we never tried these two payment methods before and it was challenging because there are limited references for both of them. After two days of experiment finally we done both payment methods.


Without proper stock Magento will not provide checkout out of stock products, But in the case of fellofish they need to checkout out of stock product with the message of pre-order. Thankfully Magento provides back-order and with some additional configuration our team find the solution and with in a half day we delivered that feature to our client.

Customer register with OPT as SMS and Mobile number Registration/Login

With the help of the SMS gateway provider, we created new module and replaced it with Magento default Login/Register, that helped us to achieve client requirement and we are able to register and login with mobile number. We never implemented mobile number login before and we done it with in one day effort.

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